Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's get Fabulous

Shoes! These are all Rachel Comey, the platform is already selling out, luckily we have one more platform style on the way. Left to right $264, 275, 242. Made in Peru
And yes, the sandals on the right are BEDAZZLED ladies!

These are our dresses from the Rachel Comey Spring collection. $297, $363 silk with a hot t-back detail, and $363 for the linen animal print. I love this print because the colors look like you're under a black light alll the time! They are so vibrant and beautiful! It also should be noted that Ms. Comey does all her own prints as well.
Steven Alan top $132 and high waist jeans by Grey Ant (also available in a medium rise) $209. These jeans have a slim, stright fit & are a very subtle way to ease into the trend. We also have high waisted Daisy Dukes from Lyell and striped high waist jeans from Samantha Pleet if you want to take a walk on the wild side..... Check it out, we are the only people in the South who carry her line. This is her second collection & it is hot hot HOT !!

Our lady on the right is wearing a Lyell silk blouse and Borne skirt $275, with a Kyo Hashimoto necklace ($132).

Here are some of the new Keeps. The flats have already sold out in some sizes, at $77 each you need to come quick if you think you're ready for this jelly. The boat shoes are seersucker, and the classic lace- ups have the "Keep rope print" screened on the canvas.
We also have 2 more Keep styles not pictured.

We still have several more shoe deliveries on the way, including Chie Mihara and Repetto.

Friday, March 02, 2007

jewelry pic

Here is an image of some of the Kyo Hashimoto necklaces we recently received, handmade & fresh from Japan. $132.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring is springing like crazy y'all!!

Hey all,

We're finally back from our Fall buying trip, and...
we've got so much new stuff you guys! There were so many lovely things waiting for us when we returned, such as-

for shoes:
2 styles from Rachel Comey & 2 more on the way- this chick is totally hot, you better recognize:
6 new styles from Keep, hi tops, seersucker boat shoes, slip on flats in hand-woven Guatemalan
fabrics, etc etc

and clothes:

Sunshine & Shadow silk separates (if you want to get your bright on, this is the way to do it)
Steven Alan tunics
Rachel Comey strapless dresses in great Spring-weight fabrics
Clu basics in pretty neutral tones
Built By Wendy jeans & dresses

We've also gotten in our latest shipment of Anna Corinna bags
and there's more on the way!

I will get pictures up on the blog asap

We saw so many great things in NY you guys, and are reall excited about the lines we will be bringing in for Fall, including Alice Roi, Martin Margiela ligne 6, and more...

Come say hello!