Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Arrivals and SALE!

Hey peeps we got new stuff this week, check it out!

-Mooka Kinney jumpers- their first collection as featured in Teen Vogue, WWD, Nylon, Elle, etc...all in vibrant vintage fabrics to perk up your wardrobe...

-St. Kilda jewelry- lovely, delicate mixings of sterling, yellow & rose gold necklaces, earrings & rings

-Mr. Letters Press stationary- surprise someone with a special greeting such as "you're swell" or, my fave, "you're fancy!"

-New Imps & Elfs for boys & girls up to 2 years. OMG the Netherlands have got it going on when it comes to dressing babies for maximum awesome effect. Prepare for compliments! (The only drawback is that your toddler may get a big head and thus become difficult to carry.)

and... the SALE is ON!
here is a mere sampling of the deals you will find :
10% off all Ronni Kappos
30% off all Missoni towels & Lorena Barrezueta dishes



Anonymous kim said...

if it's not too much trouble you should post a picture of the mooka kinney jumpers you have :)

3:45 PM  

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